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April and May are a special time of year in Yosemite National Park when the full moon rises and produces moon bows on Yosemite Falls.

The moon bows are invisible to the naked eye, except for a white arch that may display faint color.  But take a photograph, using nighttime settings and you might be surprised by a rainbow!   I recommend 30 seconds ƒ2.8 and ISO 100, on a tripod and using a cable release.  If you can manage 25 seconds there will be less movement in the stars.

I was surprised by a double moon bow in the image below.

Single moon bow on Lower Yosemite Falls, taken the night before the full moon.

Here are a number of different photographs that were taken during the May full moon last weekend.

And some night shots taken by the light of the moon.

And some shots taken before the sun set.  The first is a vertoram of Bridalveil Falls.

And, how about a few Pileated Woodpeckers from the campground.

Few words and many images.

Back to the high country and the campground!  As you can see, life is good in Yosemite National Park.